Saturday, June 20, 2009

6 Months Old!

We went to the cutest place in American Fork called 'Star Mill' to do this photo shoot.  I was already there shooting Nat and Kit's family pics, so we brought Joshy's overalls along to see what we could get.  It was his first on-location shoot!  Now that he can sit up, we can bring him outside to shoot him.  He was so adorable and smiley!


When I was uploading these Florida pics, this one reminded me of this picture of me as a baby and I thought it showed just how much Josh looks like his mommy!!  What do y'all think?  Is he ALL TODD?  or does he have some mommy in him??

Florida Photo Shoot

Randy and Meghan

Randy and Meghan's wedding was so much fun and the pictures turned out gorgeous on the beach in Destin.  Click HERE to see all of my favorites!

Florida and Tennessee!!!

I have been such a slacker with blogging, but so much has been going on so here I go...I'm about to go absolutely crazy! We went to Florida for a week where my best friend Meghan got married and I was able to shoot her wedding. My whole family came down and met up with us and we hung out for a week. Then we went back to K-town for a week and played there. Joshy had so much fun and turned 6 months old while we were there. He really grew up over this trip and had a lot of firsts. He can sit up, eat lots of new things, take steps with daddy holding him up and hold his own sippy cup of juice! He is still happy as ever and smiles at everyone (although lately he's been a little bit partial to mommy :) ). He did so good on his first plane ride, and was so happy to get to the beach! Dawson, Carter and baby Asher. Me and Mom His first time in the ocean Dawson loves playing with baby Joshy! Cousin Layton - they are only 3 1/2 months apart Sweet Kayli girl Hyrum playing in the sand Seafood restaurant on the ocean 'Pompano Joe's' We gotta play dominoes when we get together And we always play putt-putt at the beach - Todd took 1st place! Back in Knoxville we went up to the Smokies for a day and hung out. It is soooo pretty up there!  I love all the trees and really miss them! Dad sportin' the baby bjorn with Layton Kayli and I raced Todd and Hyrum down the alpine slide in Gatlinburg.  The boys won. Coming back to Utah - waiting in the airport