Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IT'S A BOY!!!!

We had our ultrasound today and found out the great news! A perfectly healthy baby boy! We are ecstatic and you should have seen Todd's face! He wanted a boy sooo bad and thought he wouldn't get one. He definitely let us see his gender very easily! He has long legs and is very active (even though I haven't felt him yet). We should meet him around December 22. The name we have decided on for now is Joshua Todd McCormick. We'd call him Josh. Here are a few pics of the little dude...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Kaua'i Trip

The view from our room in our timeshare. Our timeshare. We had to rent a red convertible in Hawaii for sure! These bananas were growing right outside of our door at the condo! Beach House Restaurant - way fancy restaurant right on the ocean - Yum! There were wild roosters all around the island because of the hurricane '92 - It wiped out the chicken coups and set a lot of animals free, so everywhere you go on Kaua'i, you can see wild roosters! This is the waterfall that is in the opening scene of "Fantasy Island" the TV show. Hiking up to "Secret Falls". This is a plant that Paul Mitchell uses in his hair products. The waterfall we hiked to...We had a disposable underwater camera that I'll try to post later too. Our kayak. Yeah, I looked happy before the flight, but our pilot was crazy and kept making sharp turns and dips that made me (and Todd) so sick! I had to go back to the condo and lay down for a couple hours to get feeling better! Na Pali Coast - Gorgeous! Rainbow. Smith's Luau. This peacock was so cool! I actually just asked him to put his feathers up and he did! Then he turned around and shook is booty at us. Then he was trying to impress a lady peacock - She ignored him and just kept eating. Imu Ceremony Hula dancers. The fire dancer at the end of the show was awesome! Our trip to Kaua'i was so much fun. We shot a wedding there on the beach so we of course took a few days to play. If you want to see those pictures, go to They will be posted later on. We had a great time and we both are so in love with Hawaii.