Monday, May 11, 2009

5 Months Old!

Joshy is getting so big and fun.  He laughs all the time and is a really happy baby!  He loves playing with his mom and dad and visiting family.  He also loves to type on daddy's computer and jump in his jumper.  He loves traveling and is looking forward to two fun family trips this summer and meeting ALL of his cousins!  He has 14 cousins (and one on the way!).  He is getting really good at laying on his belly and rolled over 3 times a couple weeks ago (but hasn't done it since!).  He is such a joy in our lives and makes us so happy.  

My First Mother's Day!

I had such a great Mother's Day.  We went to Island Park, Idaho to the family cabin for the weekend, and even though it was pretty cold and Todd and his dad had to dig us a pathway through about 4 feet of snow to get to the front door, it was so much fun.  We just relaxed and got away from our everyday stresses.  Todd surprised me with this video and I couldn't have asked for a sweeter present.  I love you Todd and Joshy!