Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Airtight Band Website Live!

Mom and Dad's band Airtight now has a website! They are so awesome! They are looking to start playing more weddings. Check out their new website! Aren't they cute!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Florida Family Trip!

Here is our family photo that I touched up. I took about 5 people's faces out of other shots and put them into this shot. I need to know what y'all think family! Post a comment and let my know if you like it and what size print you want. I will post some more pictures from our trip later. It was so fun!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Our Piano and Hutch Finally here!!

Todd's parents graciously gave us their piano around when we got married 2 1/2 years ago. When we moved to Bountiful, we wanted to have it refinished - it was pretty beat up. We are pretty sure that Todd's Great Grandma Mary Adams was the first one to buy the piano. Then she passed it to Grandma Virginia and then on to Todd's mom Kay. We are so glad to have it - even though both of us only know a song or two. Maybe we'll have to learn! I just like having it around. They also gave us a family hutch that we had refinished. It turned out beautiful!

General Conference Weekend

Todd and I decided start a new tradition around General Conference weekend. We want to make it an event and not just a "day off" of church like we probably have in the past. Neither of us are going to work on the Saturday and we plan on spending all day both days with family or friends. Saturday morning we had Todd's family over for crepes in the morning. Todd is a master crepe maker - learned on his mission to France. After the first session, we cooked out BBQ chicken - if it would have been warm outside, we would have eaten in the back yard, but of course it was freezing! While they guys were cooking the chicken, the girls went shopping. After the 2nd session we all just hung around the house and played with Eden. Then when the guys went to Priesthood session, us girls watched a chick flick. Sunday was great too. We watched the first session here and went up to Ron and Kay's for lunch and to watch the 2nd session. Ron, Todd and I went for a walk with their dog Annie and I think it was the first time I had ever done that! We should have gotten a picture...Annie is a huge dog and she was pulling me so hard! It was pretty funny!

Another Snowy Day! :(

I am so tired of the cold! This picture was taken last Monday morning. It is still winter here in Utah. There have been a few days that started to feel like Spring may be coming, but no such luck! I miss the South right now! I'm excited to come to Daytona Beach and Knoxville this weekend though! I need some 80 degree weather!