Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3 Weeks Old!

This is how he really felt during this shoot.
I did Josh's 3 Week photo shoot in his blessing outfit. It's actually good that we did the blessing while he was this little because his outfit fit him really well. He was not very happy during this shoot, but we got some cute pictures. I might try again in a few weeks to get a really good one. He's changing every day and getting bigger. He actually already grew out of his first thing! It was a pair of up to 7 lbs. newborn pajamas that his aunts Emily and Beth gave him.

First Bath!

Josh's umbilical cord finally fell off on Saturday, so now he gets to have real baths! He really enjoyed it. He was so cute just looking around. Mom watched him through iChat from Tennessee. So how often would y'all say I should bathe him? Every other day???

Monday, December 29, 2008

Photo Shoot with Natalie

We had our first family photo shoot on Saturday with Natalie. She is so awesome and did such a great job! Nat is a friend of mine and just recently joined the Lindsay Jane team. Check out her website HERE. Here are my favorites.

A Christmas Blessing

Mark, Liz, Slade and baby Josh
Four McCormick boys
Beautiful Christmas Night
We had the idea on Christmas Eve to have Josh's blessing on Christmas Day. It was very short notice, but we decided that it would be the best thing. Since it is RSV season, our doctor advised us not to take Josh out for a few months, and since my parents were in town, we decided it was the perfect time. It was a beautiful night, and it started snowing right as we began the blessing in our home. It was such a beautiful blessing. The Spirit was so strong, and Josh looked just like an angel. He wore his daddy's blessing outfit. The bishop, Todd's dad, my dad, our brother-in-law Dan, and Todd's cousin Mark stood in the circle with Todd. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to bless him on Christmas night in our home with both sets of our parents and a few more family members there. I am so happy to have Josh and Todd in my life.