Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aubrey's and Bowling

Of course we had to go to my favorite restaurant in Knoxville - Aubrey's with Lindsay and Jon. Yummm! Then we got to go bowling with "the adults" which was a lot of fun. I definitely had a way harder time than normal with the extra bowling ball in my belly!


3 Men & a Lady said...

You really need to stop stealing bowling balls, Linds. I mean, stuffing them in your shirt??? haha! It looks like you and Todd are having GREAT time back home! I'm sure you got a ton of fun stuff for your shower, too. You are getting so close! It's not fair that you're still so cute this far along! I am dying for you to take a look at my recent senior shoots. I always love your feedback. Hopefully I will have my Photoshop within the next week... (long, complicated story) and you can train me on editing. Continue to enjoy yourself!